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LawAid International Chambers

Craig Tuck is an international human rights lawyer and defence counsel.  He is Founder and Director of Slave Free Seas (SFS) and LawAid International Chambers and works in the areas of Human Trafficking for Forced Labour (and criminal offending).

He has a global practice specialising in transnational crime, serious violence and drug dealing allegations. He is interested in policies and practices relating to access to justice, death penalty jurisdictions and mental health jurisprudence.

A Cambridge University educated Criminologist and Barrister, he is able to advise and assist on legal remedies relating to people caught up in drug smuggling scams.  A public speaker and author, he is available for public speaking engagements and events.



Asia Pacific Lawyers Network Public Affairs Manager

Facilitating greater awareness and publicity of Asian Pacific laws (and the impact of such laws on justice) through both traditional media connections and social media engagement.

Connecting specialist lawyers and journalists, working within numerous jurisdictions of the Asia Pacific, to improve justice outcomes through pooled expert knowledge.



Clinical Forensic Psychologist 

Peter Schaapveld practices as a Forensic Clinical Psychologist and Medico-legal consultant.  He has professional qualifications in Psychology and Law and is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.  He has extensive experience in providing expert witness testimony to courts and medico-legal advice to legal teams in several international jurisdictions. He has worked on many international Death Penalty, trafficked Drug ‘mule’ and other Human Rights abuse cases.  



International Lawyer

Thomas Harré is an international lawyer registered to practice in New Zealand. He holds an LLM and is currently based at Melbourne University where he is researching a PhD in law. Thomas’ research and practice revolves around the transnational criminal law of human trafficking in its various forms. Thomas is Chief Legal Advisor to Slave Free Seas, and is affiliated to LawAid International Chambers.



Campaigner & Public Speaker

As a survivor of a romance, money, and drug scam Sharon knows first hand how severe the consequences of being used as a drug mule can be.  After being incarcerated in 2011 for two and a half years in a prison in Argentina, she is now standing up and speaking of her experience.  

 In order to change perceptions of how someone can become an unwitting victim of a scam we must educate and inform the general public of the psychology used to exploit victims. Attitudes need to change, victims are not stupid, foolish or any other number of vilifying words used to describe them, they are often trusting and honest people who were groomed to believe in something that wasn't real. 

 In July 2015 Sharon began a social media campaign called standup2scams (Facebook) and @standup2scams (Twitter) and she regularly shares information, tips, and warnings of current and past scams.  She has presented to a variety of audiences over the past six months and each time someone tells her of either their experience or that of someone they know she becomes increasingly concerned about the lack of pro-active intervention that is occurring.  This is a global issue and we must continue to talk about it and actively ensure that others do not become victims of human trafficking, fraud and scams. 

 Sharon is the author of Organised Deception and is also available for speaking engagements.